IMAGE offers Studio and Black & White Lab Rental, Black & White Photo Processing and Printing, Archival Preservation, and Studio Portraiture. We provide a wide range of photography services to a community of creative professionals, collectors, curators, enthusiasts and filmmakers. We are committed to actively create, assist and satisfy photographic needs through commitment to superior service and provide a unique environment for creativity, experimentation and artistic exchange. Client satisfaction is always our top priority and we pride ourselves on our excellent service.

Our Mission.

We offer our considerable practical experience, a broad range of theoretical and scientific knowledge, and a commitment to high standards and performance to our clients. We pride ourselves in the range and quality of our services. Our commitment is to meet the particular needs of our clients by assuring the most efficient, satisfying, and cost effective services.

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IMAGE’s Owner & Operator:

Steve Carver began his career as an artist and still photographer after earning degrees in Fine Arts from prestigious universities. After intense training at The American Film Institute, he became a successful filmmaker, directing and producing a score of notable features.

Seeking to refine his artistic vision, Steve turned his attention to a different kind of creative challenge, hoping that it would provide a path toward deeper self-fulfillment. With his passion for black & white photography, he opened THE DARKROOM, a photographic facility in Venice, California. Developing archival techniques in preserving historic images for private collectors and museums around the world, Steve created a body of work that he considers among his highest artistic achievements.

Steve’s ambition at IMAGE is to create archives of exceptional images for exhibitions, books and prestigious collections around the world. After years of disciplinary research in archival photography, it is his hope that his informative work will continue to offer new interpretations of traditional cultures through stylistic photography.

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