Studio Rental

The studio space of approximately 1500 square feet with a 17 foot high ceiling is a secure and private work environment for any diverse project, even the most sensitive. Designed for photographers who seek a unique and affordable location to bring their photographic creativity to life, we offer a variety of backdrops and set pieces that can be reconstructed in a private yard adjacent to the studio.

Included in the studio rental is the use of lighting and grip equipment to suit most photographers’ needs, a makeup and wardrobe area that makes fashion shooting easy, a kitchenette with a full stove-top for food styling, a digital room for tethered shooting and proofing digital files with Photoshop and Lightroom, a lounge area, and large restroom. Assistance with lighting, background construction, image presentation and general creative collaboration can be easily arranged.

Studio Equipment

A small list of our available and growing equipment included
in the studio rental.

  • Mole Richardson Soft Lights & Spot Lights (w/attachments)
  • LED & Fluorescent White Lighting
  • A Huge Overhead Soft Light
  • Stands, Boom Arms
  • Flags, Fingers, Reflectors
  • Silks, Gels, Diffusion
  • Rosco Fog Machine
  • Camera Tripods
  • Backgrounds
  • Assortment Of Connectors And Clips

Lab & Darkroom Rental

Rental of the lab and darkroom enables photographers to hand-process their own film, make high quality prints, and create a custom presentation of their work. The Beseler enlargers are well-maintained with superb lenses that can enlarge small, medium or large format negatives. We take exceptional pride in furnishing fresh, quality chemicals, and providing complete wash and dry. At IMAGE, professional guidance is always available.

There are no fixed prices for services done in our Studio, Lab & Darkroom

  • Our pricing strategy is to negotiate all photography assignments, depending upon the scope of the project.
  • The studio can accommodate portraiture, fashion, advertising, music videos, documentaries, animation, exhibitions and special events.
  • All work in our lab & darkroom is done by hand, using quality, fresh traditional chemistry. Custom borders, cropping, paper surfaces, and negative sleeves are included. Rush orders will incur an additional cost.
  • Rentals of the studio and lab & darkroom are also negotiated based on specific requirements and use. We provide traditional lights, grip and special effects equipment at no extra cost. A work area with PC and Apple computers with Photoshop and other image editing programs is available and included in the studio rental. Use of a kitchenette, lounge and restroom are also included in the rental.
  • Our enlargers are well-maintained with superb lenses that can enlarge small, medium or large format negatives. Quality traditional chemicals prepared fresh each day include D-76, HC-110, Acufine, Rodinal, Dektol, Neutol, Stop Bath, Fixer, Hypo Clearing Agent, Wetting Solution, and Photo Flo. Toners are available. Wash and dry is free. Professional guidance is always available.
  • Use of a light table for negative evaluation, dry mount, cutting, matting and photo retouching are included in the rental.
  • After one cancellation or no-show, an advanced non-refundable payment will be required for additional rental.
  • Hours are flexible and availability 24/7 by reservation only. Parking is plentiful and free.
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