IMAGE Offers Custom Black & White Film Processing and Fine Art Printing

It’s all done in our lab and darkroom, specializing in innovative photography projects, exhibition, publication and scholarly study. All contemporary and vintage photographs processed are preserved on fiber paper in traditional chemistry and extensively washed and toned by a unique archival process to further insure permanence and strengthening of values. We use no inferior paper, machine processing or do hurried work. Each negative is individually printed using traditional methods of contrast control and image enhancement.
Whether for exhibition, collection, or publication, our fine art prints are far more powerful than images generated via commercial mass production techniques. With its extended dynamic range, black & white photography shows more aesthetic subtleties and detail, especially in the shadow areas. In addition, fine art prints last infinitely longer than mass-produced prints, and combined with the right image, can also command prices far higher.

IMAGE Produces and Sells High-Quality Black & White Photographs

We do this from almost all existing black & white films and digitally created negatives for personal, archival and commercial purposes. Our expertise is black & white fine art photography, creating quality images not in a rigid grid of binary code, but in the warm, human palette of true grey tones and genuine light and shadow. With greater tonal range, our fine art photography captures more raw information, allowing much more leeway to create mood and convey emotional depth.

IMAGE Specializes In Archival Photo Preservation

We foster image permanence to strengthen the exhibitor and collector’s basic resources and stimulate publication, making photographic archives and collections accessible all over the world. Using high resolution black & white negatives made from the photographs or art, we create fine copy photographs that can be rendered in the tones of the original image with a visual tactile-ness which as of now, no digital print achieves. We use specifically selected archival fiber-based paper for our traditional printing methods that may require masking, burning, dodging, spotting, and paper toning to produce a fine art replica that withstands the wear and tear of urban pollution and a host of other causes of deterioration, while allowing the safe preservation of the originals.
IMAGE is dedicated to the preservation of photographic collections that reflect America’s diverse heritage, traditions, and history. Driven by a passion for both imagery and history, it is our hope to create a greater awareness of the importance of understanding and protecting our cultural heritage through photographic preservation.

IMAGE Provides Consultancy and Conservation Services

We work collaboratively to preserve vintage edition prints and to create new interpretations of historical art and culture that contribute to the necessary preservation of contemporary cultural heritage collected by prominent institutions and individuals throughout the world

IMAGE Creates Original Black & White Portraiture

In the unique tradition of 19th and early 20th century photography, portraits are created using the same techniques and methods as in a professional portrait studio of the early 1900s. Whether formal, playful or a serious work of art, the finished image emerges with a luscious and complex patina rendered in rare sepia tones. These styled photographs, boldly designed, capture the subtle and surreal beauty of the sitter while conveying the emotional, psychological and spiritual as opposed to merely rendering a likeness.

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